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More Strength Factory Consolidation

Professional and perfect ODM customer service system is our characteristic. BBN-ODM will give full play to our industry consortium advantages to provide you with ODM-related product selection, team-buy assistance, packaging design, customized products and other diversified services..

Baby Strollers

BBN-ODM Industry Chain Alliance, together with many professional baby strollers factories in China, will bring you trustworthy products. There are more than 100 kinds of products in our total category. There are various sizes, styles and professional packaging for your choice.

BBNMTA390 baby stroller


BBNWLB739A baby stroller


BBNDPN801 baby stroller


BBNDH803-4 baby stroller


BBN ODM Service

Online product selection service is provided by BBN-ODM. With simple operation, we can calculate the container volume of the products you choose and the corresponding container quantity.